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How that helps?

By storing preferences and settings that helps us analyze how you use our services. Some of these cookies may lead us collecting personal information, and you can learn more about how we use that personal information in our Privacy Policy. To learn more about cookies, please visit

How We Use Cookies

Cookies are used in connection with this site. The purpose is to serve you better with tailored information, facilitate navigation and security protection purposes. In addition, we use cookies to gather statistical information about the usage of our site in order to continually improve and understand how visitors use our site. The cookies on our website are divided into the following types: Essential Cookies are necessary for the functionality of this website. These cookies will help you navigate across the site and keep the site functional. Performance cookies collect anonymous information about how visitors use the site. These cookies may be set by third parties and help us understand how visitors interact with our site by providing information about the areas visited and the time spent. This information helps us measure the performance of the site. Functionality cookies used to improve your experience through the use of customization or personalization. These cookies for example can remember information such as your language, user name and location. Advertising or Targeting Cookies may be used to interact with third party services. Like Social media, Google Analytics and remarketing or similar audience features to allow us to reach users who have previously visited our website or shown an interest in our services. From time to time, we use third party vendors such as Google, to display our ad to you across the web, based on your previous use of our website or browsing behavior. You can opt out of Google’s use of cookies at any time by visiting the Google Ad Settings (

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If you do not want information to be collected through the use of cookies, there is a procedure in all browsers that allows you to decline the use of cookies. To learn more how to manage cookies, please visit Some features of our site may not work properly if you decline the use of cookies.